So many thoughts, so little time…

May 13, 2008 at 12:49 pm Leave a comment

As I kick off what I believe is the fourth incarnation of my blog, I’m somewhat overwhelmed with potential material to bang on about. A lot of my random thoughts on Twitter could easily turn into full-blown blog posts, for example.

In terms of content areas, I’m very interested in Web 2.0 goings-on – social networking, data integration, mashups – both from the technology viewpoint and the real-world social implications. I did a module of an Open University sociology course once, , and I listen to ‘Thinking Allowed‘ on Radio 4 (the podcast, naturally…) – so I must be some kind of expert.

I also like to follow online / converging media trends – I like to do my TV watching (when I get to do any, that is) with MythTV which beats the pants off any commercially-available PVR.

I’ve been involved in email infrastructure architecture and operations on and off for years, and have written a bit about anti-spam techniques (sadly no link, it’s no longer published… must dig out my copies and stick them somewhere for posterity). I help support the Exim open-source MTA when I get time.

The broadband and mobile telco space has paid my bills for a while, and I follow developments there with interest – particularly the UK marketplace. The Telecoms Adjudicator’s meeting rooms on the 1st floor of the Ofcom building at Riverside House were my second home for way too long. There’s a chance I may get involved in an interesting new project in the telco space shortly, so that side of things is getting a bit more of my mindshare than of late.

I probably won’t spend much time writing about my hobby of Amateur Radio, since I don’t do much in that area that’s particularly ground-breaking. But it might crop up here and there.


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